post-apocalyptic super highways are dominated by one type food truck and one alone: the taco truck





in this dog eat dog eat taco world

you are a deliveryman

tasked with getting food to the public

at any cost


deliver delicious [FOODSTUFFS] from the left to [CUSTOMER UNITS ] on the right, all while dodging [HIGH OCTANE TRAFFIC]. [CUSTOMER UNITS] are picky, even in the post-apocalypse, so be sure to pay attention to their preferences! 


z - start game / reload

x - on title screen, read rules

arrow keys - move ya self


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i dont get it :) how to play?

The idea is to deliver food from restaurants on the left to customers on the right. Restaurants show what food they offer, customers show what food they don't want. 

Rules are, unfortunately, a little more complex than they probably should be. Something I've gotta work on! 

Love the chiptune! Where's it from?